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NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Update on how to buy. Details
NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Update on how to buy. Details
Lab Dice 2 from Chessex Set for October 3 Release

Lab Dice 2 from Chessex Set for October 3 Release

10/3/2019 Update: Chessex Lab Dice 2 are Now Available for Purchase!

Chessex Dice introduced the world to Lab Dice this year with much fanfare. The first release, Lab Dice 1, sold out very quickly. After a couple of weeks these sets were selling for much more than the MSRP by individual sellers because they were such a limited and popular run. 

Chessex has announced that some of the Lab Dice releases will be a limited run and will not be available for future purchases. Fortunately, we've heard from Chessex Dice that Nebula Nocturnal will be introduced into their regular line for all to enjoy at a later date! 

Sets Included with the Release of Lab Dice 1

30001: Festive™ Autumn/white 7-Die Set
30003: Lustrous™ Pink/blue 7-Die Set
30005: Festive™ Dahlia/white 7-Die Set
30007: Festive™ Flare/white 7-Die Set
30013: Nebula™ Nocturnal/blue 7-Die Set
30015: Festive™ Allusion/blue 7-Die Set
30017: Bag of 50 Assorted Loose Lab Dice™16mm d6 

Introducing Lab Dice 2

Lab Dice 2 from Chessex

With the release of Lab Dice 2, there are 8 styles/colors to choose from, with 5 of them having the special 'Luminary' effect which is a very cool glow-in-the-dark feature. The Lab Dice 2 are being released in the 7 piece polyhedral sets and will include the usual plastic display case that Chessex Dice are sold in.

Lab Dice 2 with Luminary Effect

The only other selection of Lab Dice 2 dice at this time is in the bag of 50 16mm d6 dice which includes an assortment of all 8 styles/colors.

Listed below are all of the dice sets for Lab Dice 2 being released on October 3:

30009: Nebula™ Red/silver 7-Die Set - With Luminary™
30011: Nebula™ Oceanic/gold 7-Die Set - With Luminary™
30018: Nebula™ Spring/white 7-Die Set - With Luminary™
30025: Lustrous™ Amethyst/white 7-Die Set
30027: Leaf™ Fuschia/yellow 7-Die Set - With Luminary™
30029: Vortex Snow Blue/black 7-Die Set
30031: Vortex Snow Pink/black 7-Die Set
30033: Nebula™ Wisteria/white 7-Die Set - With Luminary™
30036: Bag of 50 Assorted Loose Lab Dice™ #2 16mm d6

When to Expect the Release of Lab Dice 2

Pippd is expecting the shipment of Lab Dice 2 to arrive on Thursday, October 3, 2019. We hope to have them available for sale around noon CST, but it could be later in the day if delivery is delayed. 

Although we aren't receiving as many as we'd like of each style because Chessex had to allocate the quantities, we'll receive at least 12 of each of the Lab Dice 2 sets!

We're also happy to announce that we'll be receiving 5 different Lab Dice 1 polyhedral 7-piece sets in this shipment, but quantities are very limited: 30001, 30003, 30005, 30007, 30015!

To find any of the Lab Dice sets on, simply enter the MPN (i.e. 30011) into the search bar: if they're available, they'll show up there! Happy Dicing!

Chessex Dice Lab 2


Chessex Lab Dice from the 2nd release are now available

Chessex Lab Dice Wave 2


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