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Chessex Luminary Borealis Dice - November 2020 Release

Chessex Luminary Borealis Dice - November 2020 Release

In November 2020, Chessex will be introducing a new version of their Borealis dice. This will be the third take on the glittery dice line and will no doubt pique the interest of every discerning dice aficionado! Shop Luminary Borealis dice now.

Luminary Borealis Dice in the Light

The first-generation Borealis dice were phased out several years ago when Chessex was no longer able to obtain the original glitter used in production. Although the colors remained the same, the second-generation Borealis dice featured a different glitter that changed the overall appearance of the dice.

What is the newest style of Chessex Borealis, and how is it different from the 2 older versions of Chessex Borealis?

The newest style of Chessex Borealis dice is the Luminary Borealis, which has a street date of November 20th, 2020. These Luminary Borealis dice will feature the existing second-generation Borealis colors (along with 2 new ones!) with the stunning new glow in the dark Luminary material added for maximum effect!

To make these newest versions even easier to distinguish from the old, the newest style of Chessex Borealis will have different item numbers than any of the previous versions.

What exactly is the Luminary effect, you ask?

In the light, the Luminary effect appears as wispy white clouds in the sky. In the dark, the Luminary effect mimics stars glowing at night.

Luminary Chessex Dice in the Dark

The proprietary Luminary material was first introduced around March 2019 with Chessex’s Sky with silver dice. Chessex has already used this Luminary material in several of their new dice colors since then. The first release of Lab Dice (June 2019) featured the Luminary effect in the Nebula Nocturnal with blue, Festive Flare with white, and Festive Dahlia with white sets. The second wave of colors released with Chessex’s Lab Dice 2 (around July 2019) saw the Luminary effect added in the Nebula Red with silver, Nebula Oceanic with gold, Nebula Spring with white, Leaf Fuschia with yellow, and Nebula Wisteria with white colors. Gemini Copper-Turquoise with white, Gemini Gel Green-Pink with blue (both introduced with Lab Dice 3, November 2019) and Nebula Copper Matrix with orange, Nebula Supernova with white, and Gemini Clear-Pink with white (all introduced with Lab Dice 4, July 2020) also showcase the Luminary effect.

Which Chessex Borealis colors will feature this new Luminary effect?

With the exception of the newer (circa January 2019) Maple Green with yellow Borealis color, the Luminary Borealis will be replacing all of Chessex’s existing Borealis colors. Chessex will not be producing any more of the second version Borealis, though it will still be available for purchase until supply runs out just as the original Borealis dice were. Pippd currently has some of the second-generation Borealis dice available.

Will there be any new colors introduced with the Luminary Borealis dice?

In addition to the existing Borealis colors, Chessex will be introducing 2 brand new colors with the release of the new Luminary Borealis. These new colors will be Borealis Icicle with light blue and Borealis Light Smoke with silver. The Borealis Light Smoke with silver will be replacing the current Borealis Smoke color. 

Shop all new Luminary Borealis Dice

Estimated ship date is November 20.

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