Chessex Dice

Chessex Dice

Chessex Dice are The coolest dice on the planet. Founded in 1987, Chessex has had a long history of manufacturing high quality gaming accessories at an affordable price with an emphasis on dice. Chessex Dice manufactures unique lines of dice including: opaque dice, translucent dice, speckled dice, gemini dice, signature dice, classic dice, and lab dice.

Chessex also offers accessories such as figure storage boxes, gaming mats, gaming stones, display cases, dice bags, gaming trays, sand timers, and a dice boot.

The Chessex Standard

Quality and consistency are the ultimate keys to making The Coolest Dice on the Planet. At Chessex, they are striving to bring uniformity of size, number marking, and shape to their dice. Their goal is to give you the confidence of knowing that any Chessex die you purchase will always be of consistently high quality. In order to effectively meet this criteria, Chessex created The Chessex Standard:

  • All Chessex Dice read from the top, making them easy to comprehend.
  • For ease of reading, Chessex now uses underscoring, rather than tiny indicator dots, to differentiate 6's from 9's.
  • All polyhedral dice have sharper edges for easier shape recognition
  • All Chessex Dice have numbers that are as large as possible on each face.
  • Rounded corners on their pipped dice enable the dice to tumble well on small surfaces, such as game boards and dice towers.
  • Each Ten d10 set contains only d10s and is available in each style and color of dice they offer.
  • Each Polyhedral 7-Die Set includes one of each of: 4 sided dice, 6 sided dice with numbers, 8 sided dice, 10 sided dice numbered 0-9, Tens 10 sided dice numbered 00-90, 12 sided dice, and 20 sided dice.
  • Each 16mm d6 with pips Dice Block contains 12 6 sided pipped dice, available in each color and style Chessex has to offer.
  • Each 12mm d6 with pips Dice Block contains 36 6 sided pipped dice, available in each color and style Chessex has to offer.

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