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NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Update on how to buy. Details
NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Update on how to buy. Details

Pippd Website Update July 2021

We've been working behind the scenes to improve your experience on Here are a few of the enhancements we've made:

  1. Site speed: this is the number one reason we started this project. The old site worked fast enough but it wasn't where it needed to be in terms of speed. If you did much browsing before I think you'll find the experience much faster now.
  2. Navigation: we used to list all of our main product categories in the header. We've modernized this so that these categories are now listed in a dropdown menu under 'Shop'.
  3. Home Page: our home page didn't offer much before. We've added several different sub-categories below our main categories, as well as featured/top-rated brands. Plus, see updated reviews about us and a new picture of inside our warehouse!
  4. Filters: on category pages, you can now see how many items are within a certain filter. This is an improved functionality so you won't click on multiple filters that will lead you to zero results. 
  5. Bigger images: images were a bit small on category pages, especially on mobile devices, before this update. We've made 'em bigger for easier viewing.
  6. Color swatches: the color filter has the actual color shown instead of the word on category pages. Product pages that have color variants (you get to choose the color of the item to add to your cart) has the actual picture of the item you're choosing. 

We still have some things to address. Here are a few known issues:

  1. Videos on product pages aren't working.
  2. Issues with the zoom feature on product pages (slider is odd on mobile & wrong image displayed on desktop if there are a large number of images to choose from).
  3. Wishlist isn't live. We're working on a new and improved wishlist and hope to be able to bring over your existing wishlist.
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