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Dungeons & Dragons: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight - Agdon Longscarf & Haregon Brigands (3 Unpainted Resin Figures)

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About this item
  • Highly detailed D&D figures inspired by The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign
  • Includes 3 unpainted resin figures, measuring approximately 24mm tall.
  • Supplied unassembled, requiring super glue for assembly - glue not included. Once assembled, figures are ready to be painted and used in your next adventure!
Harengon Brigands - Unpainted Resin Figures
Harengons are rabbit-folk native to the Feywild, though they often migrate to the Material Plane. They love to travel on foot and rarely stay in one place for long.

These Brigands led by the captain, Agdon Longscarf, are notorious through Thither. Often encountered in small bands lurking along trails and roadways they delight in extorting travelers for safe passage while rudely mocking them. These bullies are particularly antagonistic toward those who appear to be lost or in a hurry. Agdon, aided by the magic of his scarf that he claims was woven from lightning bolts, darts around stealing small objects from anyone who strays too close.

Figures included:
  • 1x Brigand with Halberd
  • 1x Agdon Longscarf
  • 1x Brigand with Spear

Product Details

Minimum Age14 Years
Made inMalaysia
Ship Weight2 Ounces
State of AssemblyUnassembled
Character FamilyDungeons & Dragons
Number of Pieces3 Figures

Main CategoryTabletop Miniatures
Sub CategoryFigures
Product LineD&D
BrandGale Force Nine
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  • Does this require assembly?
    Yes: it is unassembled, and requires glue for assembly (glue not included).

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