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NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Details
NOTICE - Checkout disabled. Details

Pippd Updates

May 16, 2024 Update

Hello! The temperatures are starting to heat up here in Texas, and we will be seeking cooler weather again this summer. We plan to close the store for several months beginning Sunday, May 19, and tentatively plan to resume operations in October. We may return for a few days here and there during our time away, and we will be happy to help accommodate orders when possible. We will have access to email and messages throughout the summer, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thanks!

October 20, 2023 Update

We would like to start out by saying Thank You! to all our customers who have been so patient and understanding while we have been away this summer. We have had a wonderful and memorable vacation and some big changes have taken place during this time. In late August, we had the opportunity to purchase the cabin of our dreams where we will be able to spend our future summers in comfort and cooler weather.

As such, we plan to make Pippd a seasonal business going forward. With this decision, we have had to consider new inventory management procedures and have decided that the best option currently is to keep the Pippd website active but to keep the checkout disabled. All orders can now be made through our eBay store found here.

We are continuing to consider alternatives that may allow our webstore customers to purchase directly through Pippd, but there are some issues that we still need to figure out to limit inventory discrepancies and to ensure a smooth shopping experience. We are open to suggestions and would love any input on how to make this transition as easy as possible for y’all!

We have started accepting orders on our eBay store and those orders will ship November 1 when we return to Texas. Thanks to those who have reached out this summer. We apologize for any delays in responding to messages. And again, thanks to everyone for all the love and support y’all have shown us and Pippd! We look forward to hearing from you!

***Notice - We are Closing for Vacation on Tuesday, June 27

As a very small business made up of a husband-and-wife team, we here at Pippd haven't had much time off since about 2014. We will be taking an extended vacation this summer to escape the blistering Texas heat.

While we are excited about our time away, it is bittersweet as we will miss all of you who support and encourage us through your kind messages and purchases.

We plan to return in the fall to continue this business that we love, though possibly in a different capacity. We hope to hear from you all again. Until then, have a safe, happy, and fun summer, y’all!