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Koplow Games Dice

Koplow Games Dice

Koplow Games Dice

Koplow Games manufactures a full line of dice and game accessories. Koplow is known as The NICE DICE Company because of their high quality products and huge selection: Koplow Games has over 1200 standard and polyhedral dice to choose from! Koplow Games also offers gaming pawns, timers, sorting chips, dice bags, dice cups, and even dice jewelry. 

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Koplow Games Unique Dice Line Includes

  • Novelty Dice Line: includes loaded dice, round dice, mini dice, sweetheart dice, wood dice, crooked dice, dice bones, and more.
  • Educational Dice Line: includes math operator dice, math fraction dice, decimal dice, positive and negative numbered dice, place value dice, blank dice, and dice numbered to 100.
  • Language Dice Line: includes upper and lower case alphabet dice, a 30 sided alphabet die, as well as an extensive line of math manipulative dice that are verbalized in several different languages.
  • Souvenir Dice Games Line: includes unique dice games such as The Train Game and Carousel Game, and an assortment of over 50 different family and gambling dice game.

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A fan favorite of Koplow is their tiny 5mm dice. The dice are much smaller than standard dice and customers have come up with some very cool ways to use them: counters, jewelry, travel games, giveaways, and so much more! Watch them drop in the video below: