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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Products

The Army Painter

The Army Painter manufactures a wide assortment of tabletop miniature and hobby products including precision tools, paint brushes, paints, scenery flock, basing kits, model glue, and even dice! The Army Painter’s collection is excellent for finding what you need to take your newly acquired figures from unpainted, unassembled pieces to beautifully painted, top-quality miniatures ready for the tabletop.

Many of The Army Painter's product categories also come with their own unique selections within, allowing for a choice between a variety of lines to find the materials that best suit your specific needs.

The Army Painter Tools and Tool Kits:

The tools that are supplied from The Army Painter are designed to make it quicker and easier for you to do what you enjoy, whether that is assembling, painting, decorating, or simply using the miniatures in your games and displays.

The Army Painter Hobby Tools

The Army Painter tools include:

  • Wet Palettes
  • Empty Paint Mixing Bottles
  • Hobby Knife
  • Tweezer Sets
  • Mixing Balls
  • Self-healing Cutting Mats
  • Precision Side Cutters
  • Plastic Frame Cutters
  • Miniature and Model Drills
  • Drill Bits
  • Miniature and Model Magnets
  • Miniature and Model Files
  • Sculpting Tools
  • Kneadatite “Green Stuff” Putty
  • Hobby Pliers
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The Army Painter Paint Brushes:

The Army Painter Paint Brushes

The Army Painter maintains two unique paint brush lines with unique designs and intended functionalities.

The two brush lines are:

  • The Hobby Series (Red Brushes) – These quality brushes are made from Toray synthetic hair, and they serve as a nice introduction into the hobby of miniature and model painting.
  • The Wargamer Series (White Brushes) – These are high-end paint brushes that are designed for the avid painter and detail-oriented hobbyist. Each brush has a triangular handle for maximum grip comfort, and unique hair types for each brush purpose.
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The Army Painter Paints:

The paints supplied by The Army Painter fall under a few main categories:

The Army Painter Warpaints
  • D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments
  • Primers
  • Quickshades
  • Warpaints

Of these categories, the Warpaints category is by far the largest, with the most variety when it comes to style, color, and paint consistency. The Warpaints category can also be divided into more easily identified sections:

  • Warpaints Sets
  • Zombicide Warpaints – Developed alongside Guillotine Games for Zombicide Board Games
  • License Warpaints – Paints designed alongside other partners including Runewars and Kings of War
  • Acrylics Warpaints
  • Metallics Warpaints
  • Washes Warpaints
  • Effects Warpaints
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The Army Painter Scenery Flock:

The Army Painter Flock

The Army Painter’s scenery flock category is dominated by two main product lines: Battlefields Essentials Series and Battlefields XP Series. These two series are primarily made up of basing materials, useful for creating super realistic bases for your gaming figures and models. Both of these basing materials series are best applied using super glue.

  • Battlefields Essentials – This series is composed of mostly ground effects, which create a perfect baseline to build upon with the XP series.
  • Battlefields XP – This series is composed of mostly tufts that appear to have been plucked directly from each of the chosen settings. There are three different sizes on each sheet of tufts, allowing for you to use them on many different base sizes, or to give your bases even more detail.
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