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Save with $5 Discounts | Details

D10 'Decades' 00-90 Skew Dice - Choose Your Color

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Color: 5 Colors
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About this item
  • These uniquely designed dice are as fair as regular D10 dice!
  • Choose your favorite color or collect them all!
  • Beautifully designed opaque dice with well etched number that are large and painted with a color that contrasts well to the rest of the dice so they're easy to read.
These 10-sided dice are skewed so that they don't have mirror symmetry, unlike regular d10s. This makes the faces general quadrilaterals rather than kites. Numbered 00-90. They measure approximately 17.5mm tall, 24mm wide, and 23.5mm point to point.

The numbers are etched into the sides of the die and are painted white (black on the white die). The 6 and 9 are underlined to help differentiate between the two numbers.

Choose your color, or get them all.

Product Details

Minimum Age3 Years
Made inChina

Main CategoryDice
Sub CategoryD10 Dice
Product LineOpaque
BrandThe Dice Lab
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  • How many dice are included with my purchase?
    You will receive 1 die of the color of your choosing for each quantity purchased unless you choose the '5 Colors' option. Then, you will receive 1 die for each quantity purchased of each color: black, blue, green, red, and white.
  • Are these really as fair as regular D10s?
    They sure are! The manufacturer used sophisticated math and geometry to design these unique dice to be just as fair as standard shaped D10 dice.

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