Warlord Black Powder Napoleonic British Infantry Waterloo, 36 Pc Unpainted Minis

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  • 36 Plastic Infantry
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
At the decisive battle of Waterloo, redcoated British foot regiments, supported by their massed artillery and the noble cavalrymen, battled the rain and the mud as well as the hated French. Their Prussian Allies struggled to join with them, only reaching the fields of Waterloo late on Sunday 18th June.
Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, rooted his Allied army to the ridge at Waterloo for over nine hours as Bonaparte’s French threw everything at them. The steadfast British veterans of the Peninsular campaign served their King and country well once more and with the Prussians taking to the field before nightfall, the day was won for the Allies and the brilliant Bonaparte’s reign of terror was finally ended.

CategoryGaming Miniatures
Sub-CategoryMilitary Figures
BrandWarlord Games

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Item Specifications
Minimum Age15 Years
Made inUnited Kingdom
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