Duncan Vintage Replica Butterfly Wooden YoYo - Blue

by Duncan

Duncan Vintage Replica Butterfly Wooden YoYo - Blue

by Duncan
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  • Replica of classic Butterfly YoYo
  • Vintage-Replica YoYo
  • Replica packaging
An exact reproduction of one of Duncan®'s original wide body/flared shape yo-yo, the Butterfly is the best-selling string trick yo-yo of all time! Designed for beginner yo-yo players learning basic string tricks, Butterfly features a wide string gap and steel axle that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. This yoyo comes in Duncan's 75 year anniversary package!

Purchase includes 1 blue Butterfly yoyo.
Note: this yoyo is a replica of the original version.

Main CategoryToys
Sub CategoryYoyos
Primary ColorBlue

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Minimum Age8 Years
Made inUnited States
Ship Weight4 Ounces

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