Catan: Scenario - Oil Springs

Catan: Scenario - Oil Springs

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  • Settlers of Catan required
  • 45-90 minute gameplay
  • This exciting scenario adds a twist to Catan!
Catan: Scenario - Oil Springs

Please note: “Oil Springs” is a scenario expansion for “Catan.” To play this scenario, you need all game components of the “Catan" base game.

This item contains the following components, however not all of them are used in a 3-4 player game:
  • 21 Oil tokens
  • 6 Metropolis tokens
  • 4 Oil Spring tiles
  • 1 Champion of the Enviroment token
  • 7 Victory point tokens
  • 1 Disaster track (with disaster track marker)

Oil has been discovered on the island of Catan! And after many years of study, the great engineers of Catan have learned ways to improve production using this valuable new resource, both by converting it into other resources and enabling the upgrade of cities into metropolises.

But oil is scarce and its use does not come without cost. Using oil produces pollution, as well as climate changing emissions, which bring with them the threat of coastal flooding—and absolute disaster. With the discovery of oil on Catan, its inhabitants face a new challenge: deciding whether the common good is worth limiting oil usage or whether the pursuit of victory is worth the risk of ruin.

Main CategoryBoard Games
Sub CategoryExpansion Packs
Product LineCatan
BrandCatan Studios Inc.

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Minimum Age12 Years
Made inUnited States
Ship Weight4 Ounces


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