Bicycle 130th Anniversary Blue Poker Playing Cards - 1 Sealed Blue Deck

by Bicycle

Bicycle 130th Anniversary Blue Poker Playing Cards - 1 Sealed Blue Deck

by Bicycle
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  • Quality Bicycle Brand Playing Cards
  • 130th Anniversary Blue Poker themed playing cards
  • 1 blue deck included
Purchase includes 1 blue deck.
This is a standard sized deck, 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall, with a standard index (size of the print).

From the Manufacturer
Celebrate 130 years of Bicycle Brand Products in 2015!

Since 1885, Bicycle playing cards have brought people together through classic card game fun. Join us as we celebrate the 130th Anniversary of this iconic brand and American classic! Known for their quality and long-lasting strength, all Bicycle brand playing cards are made in the USA. Makes a great gift for any card player on your list! Printed on premium cardstock, this deck features the brand’s classic Air-Cushion finish. Proudly made in the USA for 130 years.

Do you remember learning your first card game? How about winning at an old-fashioned game of solitaire? Or that holiday tradition of Gin Rummy after dinner? Since 1885, Bicycle playing cards have been a part of household gaming. Known for its quality and rich heritage, Bicycle playing cards have been bringing people together for generations.

Every Bicycle playing card deck is specially crafted so that you can trust Bicycle cards performance, hand after hand.

Great for all card games. Great for all players.

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Sub CategoryPoker Cards

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Minimum Age8 Years
Made inUnited States
Ship Weight5 Ounces

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