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Acrylicos Vallejo Air War (17ml) Paint - Pre-War To 1941 Great Patriotic War (8)

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About this item
  • Set with 8 Model Air colors
  • Comes in 17ml bottles
  • Excellent Quality Product by Acrylicos Vallejo
Set with 8 Model Air colors in 17ml. developed to paint the various color combinations of the camouflage color schemes of the Soviet aircraft, starting with the years prior to WWII (the thirties) until the URSS entered into the conflict” The Great Patriotic War” in June 1941.

“Zashchitnyi” Khaki: Upper surfaces of airplanes with metallic finish or combined construction of wood and fabric. AII Zashchitnyi Camouflage Green: Nitrocellulose lacquer for upper surfaces of aircraft with a combined structure of wood and fabric, and eventually metal. Specifications issued in 1937 and used between 1938-1941. A-19f Grass Green: Alkyd treated enamel for upper surfaces of aircraft with a metal structure or metal parts in a combined structure of wood and metal. Specificactions issued June 1940. Grey-Blue: Lower surface color for airplanes t with a metallic finish or a combined wood and fabric structure during the 1927-37 decade. AII Sv.gol. (Svetlo goluboi) Light Blue: Nitro cellulose lacquer for the lower surfaces of aircraft with structures of combined wood and fabric, and eventually metal. Widely used in 1940 -1942 and gradually replaced by AMT-7. A-18f Light Blue: Alkyd treated enamel for lower surfaces of airplanes with metallic structures or metallic parts in a mixed metal and wood structure. Specifications issued in June 1940. AII Aluminiovyi: Nitrocellulose lacquer for overall finish or for lower surface on some models in 1938, as well as fabric surfaces of mixed structure aircraft. Specifications issued in 1938-1940. AEh-9 Light Grey: Alkyd treated enamel for general surface of aircraft with metal structures and metallic parts in mixed structures. Beginning 1941 used for interior structures. Specifications issued in 1937-1940.

Product Details

Minimum Age14 Years
Made inSpain
Ship Weight10 Ounces

Main CategoryTabletop Miniatures
Sub CategoryPaint Sets
Primary ColorAssorted
BrandAcrylicos Vallejo
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