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Blood Red Skies Dice, 10 Pieces - Choose Your Type

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About this item
  • Choose your country, or collect them all!
  • Dice are round cornered and measures about 15.5mm tall.
  • The 6 side displays a symbol belonging to a military force, and the 1 to 5 sides have tally marks.
Use these dice while playing Blood Red Skies (or your favorite board game that requires 6-sided dice). Blood Red Skies is a 1/200th scale tabletop miniatures game, designed by Andy Chambers, where you command formations of fighter aircraft in battle. Action in the game is fast-paced - with six or more planes per side, a thrilling dogfight can be fought in 45 minutes or less.

About the Dice
These dice packs contain 10 D6 (6 sided) dice with a symbol belonging to a military force on the 6 side. The traditional dots/pips are replaced by the much more thematic tally marks. The corners are rounded and each die measures about 15.5mm tall.

Choose Your Country:
  • British (Brown with Yellow)
  • German (Gray with Black)
  • United States (Blue with White)
  • Japanese (White with Red)
  • Soviet (Green with Red)

Product Details

Minimum Age14 Years
Made inChina

Main CategoryDice
Sub Category6 Sided
Product LineOpaque
BrandWarlord Games
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