Chessex Megamat - RPG Reversible Vinyl Mat 34.5" x 48" with 1" Squares/Hexes

Chessex Megamat - RPG Reversible Vinyl Mat 34.5" x 48" with 1" Squares/Hexes

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  • Dimensions: 34½” x 48” (88cm x 122cm)
  • Made of durable expanded vinyl with 1" Squares on one side and 1" Hexes on the reversed side
  • Only use water-soluble markers/pens on this mat.
Chessex Megamat with 1 (25mm) Square and Hex reversible, mats are made from expanded vinyl to bring you the highest quality mat currently available. The Megamat measures 48in (122cm) x 34 1/2in (87cm)

Please note: Never use dry erase, permanent, or grease-pencil markers. The vinyl is too porous for the lines created from them to be able to be removed.

Use water-soluble markers/pens. If you have any doubt of the suitability of any particular marker, draw a small line on the border, let sit for a while, and see how well it can be removed. Better to have a small permanent blemish on the edge of the mat than a permanent map drawn on the entirety of the mat.

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Main CategoryBoard Games
Sub CategoryMats
Primary ColorIvory

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Minimum Age3 Years
Made inGermany
Ship Weight2 Pounds
Number of Pieces1

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